Pricing & FAQ’s

We offer a base price of $1,300 for a 3 hour charter. Additional fees may apply if we will be picking you up at an alternative location other than St. Michaels.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your charter.

How many people can we have on board Epiphany during our charter?
Our current licensing allows us to charter a maximum of 6 guests

What time do the charters run?
The start and end time of the 3 hour charter is flexible depending on your preference.

Do you offer a bareboat charter?
No. Rates include the captain, who will operate Epiphany. Guests are may be offered to take the helm to learn some sailing skills along the way!

Are there any additional fees?
Additional fees may be added if we are picking guests up at an alternative specific location other than St. Michaels.

Is gratuity included?
Gratuity/tips are not included in your charter fee. It is customary to tip the crew similar to a restaurant based on your satisfaction with the charter.

Where do I park?
This will depend on where the charter will start and end from. If in St. Michaels, we will provide you will instructions for where to meet us ahead of time.

Should I bring food and drinks?
Yes as the rate above does not include food and drinks. Please bring any particular drinks and snacks you would like to have during your charter. We will provide the cups, serving plates, water, cutting boards, napkins, ice, utensils, corkscrew and bottle opener. We recommend cheese, crackers and specialty meats and dips for a cheese board set-up. If looking for a great place to pick up food, stop by Graul’s Market in St. Michaels on your way located at 1212 S. Talbot Street. Another great option is the Village Shoppe located at 501 S. Talbot Street.

What else should I bring?
Other than food and drinks, you may want to pack other items such as sunscreen, hats, life jackets for any children (adult life jackets are provided), jacket or coat for chilly weather, etc.

Can we use Epiphany for an engagement shoot or other photo shoots?
Yes, guests can schedule a professional photographer to  document their special day or event aboard Epiphany. We highly recommend Laura who is a professional photographer and can perform photo shoots during your charter including engagement shoots, family, maternity, etc. Please visit for details.

What are the cancellation fees?
The 50% deposit is non-refundable if your charter is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the start of your charter. The deposit will be refunded if your charter is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the start of your charter.

What is the weather becomes dangerous or rainy?
St. Michaels Sailing Charters reserves the right to cancel the charter at any time due to unsafe or rainy weather. In such a case, the charterer may choose to rebook the charter during a different date or receive a refund of all unused deposits and fees.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed onboard Epiphany.